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ELDT Training Provider Operations Software

The February 2022 compliance update means that every trucking CDL school has to meet new challenges in managing and documenting their operations. Why not turn those requirements into positives with a comprehensive cloud-based solutions? TruckTrack provides a complete view of each student from their initial online, phone or in-person inquiry, to scheduling their in-person or online learning, and on to gathering required documents, taking attendance, grading their proficiency, testing at every stage, and submitting their certificate of graduation to the government. TruckTrack is your one-stop solution for efficient school operations and maintaining FMCSA compliance.

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  • Custom admissions website
  • Manage admissions scheduling
  • Accept payments and set up payment plans
  • Automated class scheduling by capacity
  • Automate follow-up to ensure attendance

Financial Aid & Payments

  • Accept ACH and bankcard payments
  • Manage payment plans and auto-bill
  • Automate collections and refunds
  • Mobile payment authorization
  • Track financial aid received


  • Geographic attendance capture with GPS
  • Track instructor and student time
  • Automate tardy/absent reminders
  • Bio metric and contact-less check-in

Grading & Evaluations

  • Capture theory and practical grades
  • Track 80% graded competency
  • Rubric-based grading consistency
  • Record final exams for graduation
  • Record qualitative notes & measures


  • Track theory,practical road, and range
  • Check hours and grades meet standards
  • Store and auto-submit all documents
  • Separate practical exams from final exam
  • Auto-generate certificate of graduation

Document Management

  • Milestone-driven checklist
  • Built-in mobile scanning
  • Specially designed forms
  • Automate document reminders
  • Export student file in one PDF

Go Cashless!

Through our partnerships, your students can pay cash at any one of 80,000 retailers nationwide.

Seamless Integration

Medical & Drug/Alcohol Screening

Training Provider Registry (TPR) Web Services

Online Distance-Learning Theory Education

Student Information Systems (SIS)

TruckTrack by SchoolVision